Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winds of Change

Thanks everyone for all the nice well wishes for Willow! She is on the mend and happy for your comments.

Still moving rooms with Willow. She has a lot of stuff!! I had to move some shelves and fill them back up again. I found a small portable stereo I offerred to the kids and Willow jumped on it. She tuned right in to the local classical station and has been running it 24/7. She has always loved classical and often times when cruising radio stations she would have me stop on it -until I could stand no more. LOL. Give me Newton Faulkner and Brett Dennan anyday. :P

1 comment:

Wood Mouse said...

You see you have a cultured sapling there. Glad to hear she is mending.

For me culture is something I find in the bottom of my fridge.

As for there being Winds of Change, I thought it was just the wind, gusts of fifty miles per hour!