Saturday, December 15, 2012

The End is near..or is it just beginnning?

I thought blogger was through with me, but I found a way in with Firefox and patience. Maybe I shouldn't have blocked google update, either- that could be throwing a wrench in the blogger land.


Less than one week until 12-21-2012.

What's so special about an arbitrary number, anyhow? Letters and numbers are just something someone made up at some point, so why should anything special to attributed to a random date?

Why not 03 03 2003?

_insert side thought_ our eyes and brains are constantly trying to detect patterns, patterns mean predictability.

 According to scholars who translate Mayans hieroglyphs, the winter solstice of 2012 marks the end of a phase in how the Mayan calculated time. Another Mayan tablet heralds the arrival of Bolon Yokte, Mayan God of War, who was also associated with creation.

"He will descend from the sky"

Anything can happen, right?

Maybe that was the man they found in the suburban British neighborhood with Angolan money a couple of months ago.

So, IS something going to happen 12-21-2012?

I don't know. I think if anyone knew, that information would be redacted.

We've all felt the message. Be prepared. That is directed to everyone. Of course anywhere can have an emergency situation, so we are all forewarned to be prepared to evacuate or hunker down.

We've watched what happened to those in Katrina's line of fire. The earthquake in Haiti. New York and 911, and just recently,Hurricane Sandy.

The whole East coast had a week of forewarning before Sandy.

So, here's the scenario:
The end of the world may be approaching, according to the Mayans.

We don't know how, but most typical end-of-the-world scenarios for modern society includes loss of power for weeks or potentially months.

How will you spend the next week? Now that you know you may have a week's notice?

But, it all may be a bunch of malarkey and you will still have bills to pay and not a whit changes but another page on OUR Julian calendar.

Do you go on life as usual, or do you do as advised, and prepare for an emergency?

What does that mean to you?

In the big Sandy buildup, I relinquished and finally bought the batteries which we were desperately needing anyhow. I replaced the ones in the headlamp, much handier than a flashlight of any kind. Some D's for the flashlights that usually only last an hour or two when actually put to use.

I haven't been able to find replacement globes for the lamps, and balked at paying $5+ for lamp oil at Wally world today.

What I have on hand should last at least a week of I need more than that? If I do, that $5 bottle isn't going to make that much difference.

That's how a financially challenged person has to think.

Now that I think of it, if times get tough that could be a pretty good deal for $5 now.

We have a week of snow and rain predicted here beginning tomorrow night.

That really puts a crimp in my Holiday errands and my "what if the world ends in a week?" preparations.

Do I dash to the bank to cash a check or spend the morning home with my kids?

If I have only a week left, I would spend it with my kids.  But if the turd hits the wind tunnel and my children and myself are at the other end, I am going to want that cash and not useless electronic finances.

Maybe that's why the price of gold is so strong.

Would they tell us? If it was known a global event was imminent, but provisions for safety was limited to a select few, would everyone else get a warning?

And what if you didn't know what to warn or weren't even really sure what might happen- would you warn?

Shouldn't we always be prepared anyhow? live every moment like it will be our last, appreciate every breath, sparkling bit of light, stubbed toe, hangnail, thunderstorm, headache,    full belly, bee sting...

Personally I will spend this week in reverence. And indulgence.  Going to see the Hobbit is definitely on my bucket list. If the world ends in a week I am going to be sure we have seen the Hobbit first!

120-173 hours on the Mayan long count countdown...should three go to the first Hobbit movie?  I would be spending that time with my I think, weather and travel permitting, a definite "Yes"