Thursday, November 4, 2010


sometimes the words won't come
brains droolign fingers dumb
The wrdss are numbers
but there's no sum
just hum hum hum
high pitched in the ear
vinyl hiss

mis mis miss missippi


pisquatiquisdon't you just love to say pisquatiquis
Bloody Gore


Unknown cat at dawn,
Silent, slipping by on wall,
Unnamed by any.

No man walks my road.
I left my comb and mirror.
Which path, issei?

pale moon is dusk sky.
Why did you come so early?
Are you loneliness?

Windchimes trill alarm:
Smoke-green clouds coil out weak sun:
Fall will die tonight.

I pled the moon once
"Fall Moon, take me with you"--but
It would not answer.

Hear the moonlight fall
Like peace-whisper of rose scent,
Or dusk's distant bell.

Clock ticks life away.
Would I have the bird not fly?
Toll, sweet season's rhyme.

Annette Schaefer Morrow