Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Return of the Raccoon


Or..time for a dump run.

The raccoon is actually holding an oreo cookie between its paws tonight. I heard it outside in the trash and called the Firebird down. We watched the raccoon eat 4 or 5 old oreo cookies I tossed out of the cupboard into the trash. I tried in vain to wake up Willow but she was sound asleep.

When the raccoon headed around the house I banged on the wall and used by mean voice again. LOL. The Firebird commented that the raccoon was jumping everytime he heard my voice. The Firebird and I were talking while we were watching the raccoon through the double door.

Quick Mr. Mouse-the title of my last entry was in reference to the winds we had here today, which of course, I forgot to mention. :P

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Wood Mouse said...

I can always tell when I am in trouble; it’s when I get called Mr! Well that and your “Mean Voice”. I am beginning to think that That North East England is a mirror site for Maine, as we seem to get similar weather. Not always on the same day though, I suppose it takes time to load the updates. Either that or Maine is the Weather manufacturing capital and you send your exports here. If so can I place an order for some sunshine please, just send Fed Ex C/O Wood Mouse.

As for the Racoon, I think it’s a member of the Mcvitties Gang, that well know bunch of biscuit thieves. It was the mask the critter was wearing that gave the game away.