Monday, March 23, 2009

Rough weekend

Another Friday night, another trip to the ER. Willow took a header off of her new bike face first into the driveway. I was sewing some patches on her jeans in the house when her brother ran in yelling that she had fallen and lost a tooth. Apparently they had been racing (against the rules) down the goat path we call a driveway, and she lost control in the mud.

She chipped one of her permanent front teeth, knocked both the top ones and the baby tooth next door loose, and cut her upper lip inside and out.

She cried the whole time in the ER. The most productive thing from that trip was a cute little toy frog the security guard gave her. She had xrays which showed her upper jaw wasn't broken, and the PA didn't think she needed stitches, although there were two deep nics on the outside that could have used some butterfly bandages. The inside of her mouth probably needed stitching. It has been so swollen and sore I haven't had a good look at it yet. I don't think the PA even looked at that.

We were there three hours and finally when I said she needed something for pain they said they would give us tylenol. Some novacaine when we walked in might have been nice.

I swore next time I will go to another ER! I think we would have been better off staying home.

* * * * *

Nicolas the goat has been jumping the fence all weekend and stuffing himself silly on hay off the pallet. I finally put some hot strands up and blocked the whole lower pasture off.

I switched rooms with Willow yesterday. She has been asking for my room for awhile, but I knew it was a huge project and had been putting it off. Besides, I liked that room! Trouble was, I had to clean the stovepipe and my bed needed to be moved, so I figured we might as well go for it. Just need to swap dressers and books and organize her stuff more and that job will be done.

I felt so bad for her after her accident I decided to do the room swap.

Her lip has been so swollen for three days, and only soft foods for two of them! Finally today she was able to eat some bagel and cream cheese.

I had to get on the roof and clean the stovepipe this am, and it was COLD! Below freezing and windy. The pipe was so plugged ! I usually clean it in Jan or Feb, but between the crutches and the fact there had been snow and ice on the roof all winter, I am just getting to it.

I got the brush stuck twice-in different parts of the pipe. I thought I wa going to snap the rope I was using to pull it through. The second time was cleaning the elbow, and I got the brush so jammed I had to take the pipe apart to get the brush out. Somewhere in there I clipped the back off my hand on a stovepipe edge and sliced it open. Another trip to the ER? Nope-I'd rather bleed, thanks very much. :D


~~~~~~Tonia said...

Oh man poor Willow!! I have had 2 girls get stitchs/glue on their mouths. Not fun and they are Bleeders!!! You sound like you have an ER similar to ours... They even built a new Hospital here and ER still sucks!!
If its me or Kyle who are hurt I tape us together and go on..LOL

Wood Mouse said...

I am sorry to hear about Willow and the ER. On TV they paint such a different picture.

Even before you said you cut your hand, when you said you were on the roof I could see a trip to ER being planned.

Well Dr Wood mouse has the best medicine for both of you, and the firebird as a prophylactic, Ice Cream!

Warren said...

Sorry to hear of Willow's accident -- wishing her a speedy recovery!