Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Thanks Velvet Ginger, Tonia, Woodmouse, Warren for your comments and concern!!

I did make it to the clinic yesterday. I didn't have to wait too long. I set myself up in the waiting room with my foot elevated on an extra chair, pulled out a junk paperback I have been picking away at, and was called out back by the nurse.

My new-to-me PA had the day off, so I was scheduled to see the new-to-the-clinic PA. The nurse took my blood pressure, but I had to remind her to check my temp as I am concerned about infection. Temp was normal. Upper BP was still a little high for me.

Then I cut off my makeshift bandage for her, and peeled the pads off. I was shocked to see the area covered in blood. She assured me that it looked normal and very clean. Then the PA came in and checked feeling in the foot, and I asked her for a refill on the painkillers. She said she was going to step me down to vicodene. Last night I started freaking out about that, because the oxycodone is barely doing the job. I have to redose every three hours minimum just to be able to get up on crutches.

As soon as that leg goes down, it feels like I am sticking it in a pot of boiling water. It is agony!!! The current painkillers at least enable me to hobble around on crutches. I am scared the vicodene won't be strong enough-plus they are 750 mg of acetominophen (the oxy's are 300), and acetominophen upsets my stomach. So I won't be able to double up on the vicodene without od'ing on acetominophen.

Anyhow, the nurse then redressed the wound-the same way the last nurse did, with a few non- stick pads and two rolls of gauze, leaving the toes exposed. I reached over and grabbed some paper towels, draped them over the toes, and then pulled the stockinette over them. She gave me more supplies-again only four pads, but six rolls of gauze. When I got home I layered the toilet paper over the whole thing and put the stocking on to hold it.

The nurse suggested I could leave the dressing until she sees me again on Thursday-but I don't know how I could have left it as she wrapped for even a day, with all the wound weeping. GROSS!!! So I will change it again today with fresh dressing.

She did rinse it with some sterile saline and blotted it dry as I did the day before at home, except with water. And she gave me the rest of the saline to use. I cannot believe the ER directed me to use soap and water!!!! Which I could not bring myself to do-are they nuts????

The other disturbing thing was when she brought in the jar of silvadene. I had the impression that it was already opened, although she did give me the rest of the jar. I know if the previous user had been extremely careful and used fresh sticks to dip into the jar each time, it should still be mostly sterile, but given the way I have seen others be so cavalier about sterility, I have my doubts. You think double-dipping food sauces is gross-just think about double-dipping a jar of burn cream from patient to patient!

I did find out that it will be at least A MONTH before I can get a shoe on again. But, at least they were very encouraging about how things looks right now, so hopefully I will heal eventually.

And today is inaugeration day-I am still trying to keep up on world news. Hopefully the US is headed in a better direction.

Peace, Tree


Warren said...

I'm glad to hear they are encouraged by how things are looking for your recovery. The picture does look painful. Best wishes with the pain decreasing soon.

tree ocean said...

thanks Warren :)