Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thank you Tonia and Woodmouse for your well wishes and advice-and Warren yesterday.

I was not too pleased with how things looked today when I finally re-wrapped the foot. I should probably be bed ridden and keep it elevated. From the ankle to almost the toes there is no skin. Giant blisters across the foot near the toes. The toes aren't blistered but they are dark and puffy. More skin has slipped around the base of the big toe. The bottom of the foot is fine.

A dozen years ago I spent everyday for three weeks visiting a friend in the largest burn unit in Maine. He ended up needing skin grafts, and I think my foot looks worse than his arm did. I hope I am wrong. I also had burns at that time-some blisters and a few spots of third degree, which healed fine. This is just such a large area on the foot it scares me.

I did NOT have enough tefla pads to cover the area (such a nice nurse) and had to sub a feminine pad for under the ankle. I was also given what we call Silvadene cream-it is silver/sulfa, great for burns and soothing as well as antimicrobial. I have to spread it on the pad since the wound won't hold it.

I am on oxycodone. Woah. I ended up being very rushed out last night trying to get some ginger ale at 3 am. I broke out in a total sweat and felt very ill and woozy. I sat in the kitchen with my head between my knees until I was able to gulp some ginger ale. Then I finally made it to the couch where I passed out for an hour or so and was finally strong enough to crawl upstairs.

I have only taken two today. They work great taking the pain away but the side effects are a bit overwhelming. Like I said, I should probably be in bed.

I am supposed to go to my doc's tomorrow, but it may be closed for MLK day. I am really going to have to adlib on the dressing since I am now out of tefla pads and down to one gauze roll. I still have some cream.

We are having a big snowstorm today and I couldn't get out on crutches, so the kids did all the chores without me. I tried not to watch out the window today. So far so good, knock on wood. I really hate being incapacitated!!!!! :((


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Oh my goodnes that sounds so bad!! I cant imagine the pain.. I am very sensitive to some of the stronger pain meds and know they can make you so sick!! I get shaky on Cold Meds!! LOL I hope it will heal okay.. Gota love that nurse!!! Apparently the bandages were coming out of her paycheck!!!

Velvet Ginger said...

OH Tree!!!! I didn't do the blog rounds this weekend so I didn't know you got burned, good grief! I hope your Dr. puts you on antibiotics for preventitive reasons. Burns are so horridly painful, I am so sorry you have to go through all that. Maxi pads DO make great sterile bandages I would keep using them! Ick on the Oxycodone, all those pain meds make me horridly ill! You are such a little go-getter, I bet it's tough for you to lay low! Take Care hon, keep us updated!!!