Saturday, January 17, 2009

Treedown update

Thank you Warren and Woodmouse for your well wishes!

I was really sorry I went back to the hospital today. Last night I was aggravated that I had to go through two sets of computers and triage before being seen. In fact, I started bawling in pain and fear during the triage (bp, temps, saturated O2, more questions...) I was kicking myself in the arse that I hadn't taken the ambulance, since then I would have been whisked straight in.

I didn't take the ambulance because the last time I called one 10 years ago, every first responder in a three town area (firemen, paramedics, etc) showed up and was touring my house while I lay on the floor with back spasms.

Last night the doc did an excellent job debriding the wound, and the nurse knew how to bandage a burn. Today I had to see three different computers all with the same questions-so that was six times in twelve hours and had to say I had no allergies, and confirm my phone number, insurance, etc.

The Physician's assistant who finally saw me just poked me and left me in the hands of a green nurse(as in 2 years out of school, tops) . Neither of them tried to clean the site. Her idea of bandaging was to contaminate the pads with bare hands. Then she put gloves on to slap three small pads on before taking the gloves off to too-tightly wrap the foot with a gauze roll-after putting her finger in the corner of her eye while in process. She left my bare burned toes exposed and said, there you go....

I demanded a stockinette as it is still single digits out there. When I got home I took off the stockinette and went over the whole thing with a roll of toilet paper and then put the stocking back on. I had to do that because despite all the bandages and handfuls of gauze the nurse used last night, the wound had started to seep through them all within 12 hours.

I am instructed to wash and re-dress the foot tomorrow myself-and she provided me with three more pads and a gauze roll for the dressing. Then I am supposed to go to my regular doc on Monday.

Luckily I had just finished stocking up on everything including hay and groceries, so we are set for supplies. The Firebird has leapt to the challenge and is doing all the chores under my direction.

Another lucky thing for me is that I had a few weeks experience on crutches when much younger, so I can manoever fairly well. Carrying anything is a strain, though, as I have to use one crutch so the other hand is free to carry. Then I have to hop. Try that with the morning coffee!!!

The pain pills are really good and effective. Good thing, as I mentioned earlier I was bawling in the ER last night, and I tolerate pain very well, usually.

I did take a photo of the foot in the ER today, but I just cannot bear to make my reader sick. Thanks for listening!


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

During the ice storm 2 years ago one of the kids staying with us fell into the wood stove adn got a second degree burn on her arm. When oneof us get a burn around here I put lavender oil on it.. SO thats what I did for her and then cold wet rag on top of that.. Well with in 2 hours she wasnt even hurting and her dad came in and started pitching a fit and demanded to her mother that they go to the Er. Of course Er said NEVEr put any kind of oil on a burn and so the dad was convinced I had done things wrong. He was mad at me and his wife. He is an idiot most of the time. Anyway she healed fine and lavender works great for most Small burns.It takes the pain and the heat out. I dont know about something like that though sounds sooo painful... Hope you heal fast!

Wood Mouse said...

Firstly I am glad to hear that you are copping and that Firebird is being such a star. It sounds as though you were fortunate in that you were well stocked with supplies, as that was something that crossed my mind, as to how you would cope with that. I had a vision of the willow driving you into town!

When I worked in the Photographic industry, we had clients that were medical photographers, so I can imagine just what your wounds look like. Personally, I am less fazed about seeing something, than I am at reading about it, I just imagined the pain of boiling water on my own foot. OUCH!

Regarding Lavender Essential Oil, it is great for burns, but only if it can be applied to the skin. As you have lost dermal layers, then Lavender should not be applied as the oil will damage the lower dermis. The cells that need to regenerate the new skin. However, once you have new skin growing, you can use Lavender to help promote the healing and it may help lessen the scaring too.

When people do suffer full depth burns (burns that go deeper than the skin), it is fluid loss that can be the greatest danger. As the skin keeps our water in, as I learnt as child in primary school. So it is important to maintain your fluids intake. Keep drinking the coffee no matter how tricky it is to manoeuvre with the crutches.

I genuinely hope that you get well soon and that you are back on your hooves, sorry feet soon.