Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WARNING: Burn Photo


Yeah, that looks a lot worse than the second day photo.

I got the script filled for the vicodene, and according to the prescribed dosage, I would be ingesting between 6,000 and 9,000 mg of acetominophen-when 4,000 is the maximum daily prescribed dose for healthy adults. Freak out? Yes, I did. I finally go through to the docs, and they agreed to give me another script for percoset, but said I would have to pick up the slip. So, as dark was looming, I hobbled my way to the car and drove the hour roundtrip to get the slip.

I will have to go into town tomorrow morning to have it filled. And they gave me just enough to last until my appointment Thursday. Yet they gave me 60 vicodene. WTH? I mean, they can look at my file and see that I rarely take any painkillers, even with my history of broken bones, blown vertebral discs, and pinched nerve. Morons!! I would say by this photo that if anything deserves a script of oxycodone, this would be it. Morphine is the drug of choice with severe burns, and I would guess this qualifies.

Cool, we watched the inauguration. Biden was even president for five minutes since Bush was through at noon and Obama didn't get sworn in until 12:05. Roberts flubbed the wording-Barack gave a great acceptance speech. Bush flew away to cheers.

Katie Couric said, "oh, the crowd is cheering Bush as he leaves."

Another commenter said, "they might be cheering because he is leaving..."

Yeah, they should have tossed some shoes in the air in celebration. :P


Wood Mouse said...

While I have seen worst burns, all I can say is Ouch. I could use stronger words, but I don’t want to get into trouble for swearing. I guess you did enough of that yourself when it happened, and possibly after.

Having read this posting I now understand why you were barefoot, you were practicing shoe chucking. Did you get on target?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

OMGOODNESS!!!! That looks so painful!!!! I am so sorry...

tree ocean said...

Yes, I am still swearing. It hurts especially at night and now the ankle is looking red and swollen-will call doc in the am. :(

I wish I had been barefoot-I had a sock on-I couldn't get that sucker off quick enough, let me tell you.

Thanks Tonia. :)

Velvet Ginger said...

Your foot looks Horridly Painful!!!! I feel really bad for you!!!! Good GRIEF!!!! Boy oh boy you have a long road ahead of you, so sorry.

Now about shoe chucking:
Our new President said we should "put away chidlish things" He also said we should "rebuild our Nation together",
Booing President Bush and Cheney when they were seated on the stand was VERY inapropriate & rude, that whole ceremony was wonderful and that booing was not the time or place for that chidlish crap! We all need to take responsibility & have love and respect for one another!
There, I will get off my sopbox and sending good thought that you will heal quickly!