Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i informed you Thusly

spoken not with satisfaction but in a manner of bemoanment, disgust, angst.

It's sort of like feeling like your dog needed to go outside to the bathroom but thinking maybe he just wanted to sniff the breeze, and finding a big pile of steaming crap the hard way-barefoot-by the back door shortly thereafter.

then you're on a hot street, your harmless goofy pet suddenly proves your subconcious is functioning optimally.

what else might be possible>

and how on earth does one arrive at these conclusions? sniff the dirt? tingle on the spine?
what are they reading, who are they listening to, who are they talking to?

How in the hell did they arrive at that conclusion given that series of information?

well, crap, out of the millions of humans that can make connections, if any of us are set aside for closer scrutiny, muy compleando!

makes one wonder what makes us worth the effort? with all the advances in profiling, if anyone warranted a second look, they must be grander than they could ever have thought possible..

Tree 2013

SO.  I like to tell it as I see it, and I like to keep where I saw it personal.  In other words, I have always felt the way my brain works is a trade secret, personal property, and so on.

Through the years I have seen an information tightening. 

The digital age has enabled it.  Even libraries keep track of what you check out, When was the last time you were able to tuck down in the stacks and shuffle through several books and then reshelve them without drawing the ire of one of the librarians?

What search engine do you use? They like to collect your data to sell to advertisers, what's wrong with uncle sammy having a peek?

Boy, if I had access to ALL the information, the truth, which is my mantra, what accurate conclusions I might draw!

So. I am unwilling to comes to conclusions at this time.  I have seen some signs.  I have sniffed some dirt. Read everything they will let you. Watch the skies.  Sniff some dirt. come to peace with yourself.

Ha ha

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