Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am not losing sleep over $122 in Nerf footballs

So, the big news was the IRS targeting Tea Party groups and stonewalling them non-profit status. Then it turned into a slow disclosure that it wasn't only right wing conservative groups that were given the run around, but also groups that sat on the left.

Today the IRS witch hunt is focusing on the minions, the credit card holders, that charged wine, porn, thomas the tank engine wristlets, and yes, $122 in Nerf footballs that ended up in a filing cabinet.

The minions are peanuts.  Low level managers who probably attended seminars on how to raise employee morale-seminars that were expensive studies funded by the taxpayer, and thought they were doing the right thing by buying wristbands and footballs.

The other small stuff, personal items, comes from a keeping up with the joneses mentality of some lower level employee who works harder than their boss and wants to live at least as well as the boss does, so they justify a little extravagant charge for themselves.

What REALLY gets my goat is CMP getting 80 MILLION taxpayer dollars to "upgrade" under the guise of "stimulus" because the upgrade will save ratepayers 20 million dollars.

Well, my regular reader might recall that that 80 MILLION dollars went into installing "smart meters", and if you opted out, you had to pay an ADDITIONAL $12 a month to keep your smart meter.

So, guess what? CMP blew the 80 mill, plus a bit more, and now taxpayers aren't going to save a damn cent, nope, in fact, CMP has asked the PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION for a rate increase to cover the difference. 

Yup, we paid 80 million for smart meters, and now more for rates.

$122 for nerf footballs? that's almost as much as I am paying a year NOT to have the smart meter.

oh, and my concern over smart meters spying on my electricity consumption? who cares?  The new land sat put into orbit will record every INCH of the EARTH's surface over the course of several days, and keep it up for ever.  It has infared capabilities, and can see to the bottom of the ocean.

Sleep with your dog? Have guests over regularly? Have a barn full of animals? Digging out a prep cellar?
This info will be available.  You will not get away with anything, and if you do, I imagine it can and will be held against you in a court of law. Secret or public. Or in the eyes of robot drones, soon to be released.

Sweet dreams.

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