Thursday, April 7, 2011

To the Tune of Riverside City - For ten years here I wander and there you lie

* 「十年生死兩茫茫。不思量,自難忘。千里孤墳,無處話淒涼。縱使相逢應不識,塵滿面、鬢如霜。夜來幽夢忽還鄉。小軒窗,正梳妝。相顧無言,惟有淚千行。料得年年腸斷處:明月夜,短松岡。」“For ten years here I wander and there you lie./ I don't think about you often,/ yet how can I forget you!/ With your grave a thousand miles away,/ where can I confide my loneliness?/ Even if we met, could you recognize me,/ with dust all over my face/ and hair like frost?/ Last night I had a dream in which I returned home./ By the window,/ you were combing your hair./ We Looked at each other silently,/ with tears streaming down our cheeks./ There's a place which every year will be my misery:/ the moonlit night,/ the hill of short pines. 「Su Shi, 《江城子·十年生死兩茫茫》,蘇軾」

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