Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zeitgeist Moving On

I went to a local pot luck dinner and showing of Zeitgeist Moving On last night. I am already planning on what food to take to the next one.

There we were, a little over a dozen of us aging hippies. It's up to us to change the world?

"Don't underestimate" said Boss, herself a Swedish native who naturally seeks the left path. (Although Boss had not heard of the documentary, most likely since Mr. Boss, also left, is a Dr. of Economics. The economists are portrayed as the bad guys in the film. Shhh, didn't tell Boss!)

Basically Zeitgeist portrays a point of how and why things are wrong with society. It begins quite classically with the nature or nurture argument, ie, whether a trait is inherited or aquired through external stimuli.

Zeitgeist takes the postition that external influences can stimulate an inherited trait to wake up or sleep. In otherwords, the fact that a trait is inherited deosn't matter unless it is the external force that triggers it. While the writers were busy making that argument, I didn't see many red-haired people in the film.

Economics is discussed at lengt; how health care makes up a huge part of our GDP so the country actually looks better on the books if a lot of people are sick. Sick people= higher health costs.

How making things for profit builds in a made-to-break mentality; just to keep the production line moving.

How the monetary system began, who started it, and how people now make money on the idea of money. And those people make more money than people trying to find a cure for cancer.

A perfect little Utopian society is introduced at length as the solution, at this point feeling like a well done High School class project, "How would you build your perfect society?"

Oh, without violence that is caused by abuse that is caused by stress that is caused by poverty that is caused by 1% of world's population owning 98% of the wealth.

If any of that's news to you, watch Zeitgeist Moving On.

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