Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last weekend I took the kids on a hike through a selectively cut, recently created, nearby land trust. At one point, we were walking over a clearcut on a bunch of slash, and I warned the kids, "Keep your eyes open for snakes-this is ideal habitat for them,"

and then I stepped on the tail of this one.

It didn't seem any worse for the wear.


Earlier in the week I was driving home and saw this young ruffed grouse standing in the middle of my travel lane. I stopped the car and snapped a couple of pics, and still it stood, frozen.

I opened the car door and it flew across the road, followed by an adult I hadn't seen in the underbrush. A few other juveniles flew back into the woods.

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Warren said...

you're not the first person to be grousing because they had to stop on the road for traffic... others just cry fowl. *smile*