Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tree down Update

First, I want to thank everyone that has been sending me positive energy and healing thoughts! I think it is doing the trick!

I had canceled my Thursday appointment with the clinic because I was mad about the contaminated burn cream they used, and the script that would have overdosed me on Tylenol. I had them fax in a script for more burn cream, and got more bandages, and have been attending to it myself.

Then Friday I rescheduled another appointment for tomorrow. That was before I changed the bandages. I was very perturbed that afternoon! I didn't like the looks of it a bit. Then I requested an online Reiki healing and gave myself some Reiki and things looked better yesterday! I trimmed some of the skin back-a job which really makes me feel queasy but not painful as the skin is dead.

I did the same tonight, as I am concerned that those pockets could trap bacteria. Things are starting to look shiny and pink so I think that is a good sign! I will know better tomorrow after the nurse looks at it.

The pain has been much better over the last two days, as well. I cut way back on the painkillers, and didn't take one until 4 this afternoon, before I was to change the bandages. The foot felt so much better that I was actually able to stand on both feet and hobble a bit while changing the litterbox. (life must go on, LOL)

I am happy about that, because this morning my hands felt bruised from the crutches, and my armpits are getting tender, as well. I have been using a technique to carry somethings with crutches-by pinching the crutch under the arm and twisting my body, I can carry something in one hand and still keep that crutch in place. But it does make my armpit sore!

I don't think I will be dancing on my birthday, but I feel a lot better about how things are going. Hopefully over the hump! A saying my mother used to say has been ringing in my ears lately..."it's going to get worse before it gets better." I am praying the worse was the awful four day photo I posted mid-week.

Yeah, I was pretty stoned on morphine to subject my blog reader to that one!


Warren said...

glad to hear your pain is improving!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

The photo was painful to look at let alone be the one bearing that!! But hey I am not easily grossed out!! Lol. I am glad you are feeling better just dont over due it... I hope you get a good report. I think we will finally see some real winter precip this week...