Monday, January 26, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

That is what my sister wrote on the back of this cool birthday she sent me in the mail today. LOL!!!

I had told her about the Big Bang Theory's Christmas episode and how funny I thought it was, and she agreed. You see, we were Trekkies. We used to watch Star Trek re-runs everynight at suppertime. In fact, we even once wrote a script and acted it out for our mother in the living room.

I was Kirk and Bones-she was Spock (we fought over that role-she won) and Chekov. Maybe she gave me Sulu as a Spock consolation. The big armchair was pulled out and utilized as the Captain's chair-and that's all I recall.

We also went to a Star Trek convention! We got to meet James Doohan (Scotty, RIP) and Chekov(whose real name escapes me). My favorite part was the blooper reels. Needless to say, I get a real laugh out of Galaxy Quest, the movie.

My sister also included a small check, which I plan on using to buy a new coffeepot since mine died a few days ago. I'm easy to please for my birthday, aren't I? LOL. I do like roses and chocolates, though....hehehe. :D

I went to the clinic today, and I decided to blow off all my grievances and say nothing. The nurse and PA were very pleased with my healing!!! Yah! And we used my own burn cream which I had brought with me. The nurse claimed theirs had not come in yet-which I let slide.

I was given another appointment in a week, another bottle of saline, and a huge stock of bandages. Yeah, I am glad I went!

So, my birthday week is off to a pretty good start! I try to celebrate birthdays for two weeks-one before and one afterwards. After all, another year, right!? Woo-hoo!

I am a little late in starting the pre-week celebration, but I am happy to start now! :D

Live long and prosper!


Wood Mouse said...

Happy two weeks of Birthday celebrations. Personally I have stopped having birthdays as when you get to my age the candles on the cake have a significant effect of warming the planet.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Happy Birthday!! We Celebrate a Birthday Week!! Lol.. I think Hey I made it to this age I deserve some kind of celebration!! I am not hard to please either! !I would buy myself something like a coffee pot.. hubby gets upset with me sometimes but I am like Its mY birthday or money and thats what I want!! Lol Glad you are doing better.. I use to watch Star Trek it was on late at night when I was a teenager.