Monday, November 17, 2008

The Obamas' Interview on 60 Minutes

President-elect Barak Obama and his wife Michelle were on 60 minutes last night.

This was his first interview since winning the presidential election, and it was interesting to see husband and wife together. Their interaction was heartwarming-the playful give and take and familiarity that is often seen in couples that have been together for a long time.

Some of the interview highlights:

Pres-elect Obama admitted that there will be a Republican in his cabinet-more than one? wouldn't say.

He admitted that he had met recently with HIlary Clinton-what for? Wouldn't say. :D

Barak said that he had been reading a lot of Lincoln and some Roosevelt and confided he was willing to try different things to see if they worked.

His reading time has been mostly consumed by reading security briefings, however.

Michelle admitted that things have changed greatly since their last interview with Scott Pelley two years ago, but pointed out that they have changed in increments so that it has been easier to adjust.

There was a discussion about Barak's senatorial apartment in DC. Scott joked that it had been said that he was the only senator who had lesser living quarters than his aides. Michelle admitted that she had visited it but had refused to stay there, and had chosen to stay at a hotel during her visits to DC. She said that it was reminiscent of Barak's apartment when they first started dating. She then went on to describe Barak's car at that time-the floorboards on the passenger side were so rotted out that she could see the road passing beneath her feet.

Barak laughed and said, "Well, you didn't marry me for my money, then..."

So what does this tell us about the president elect?

Perhaps that he is willing to make due with less for a greater good. Most likely the cheap apartment was to ensure more money for his wife and daughters. Or perhaps that he doesn't require luxury to be content. Seems like a good sign of frugality in our president-to-be. Perhaps his promises to go over the budget with a scalpel to cut the fat from some programs to put the money where it is needed is sincere. And his promise to put an end to corporate greed at the expense of the working class.

Michelle, on the other hand, seemed to be looking forward to an increase in their status. She spoke with wonderment at the honor of living in the luxurious accomodations of the White House while sporting a decadent triple-strand necklace of colored pearls. Of course she is not to be faulted for this-most likely the pearls were a gift or loan-and most people would revel in such a leap of status.

Barak just seemed disappointed that he couldn't go out for a walk. Michelle shrugged her shoulders. Barak said he would love to take a stroll with his wife, but admitted that it was cold for a walk. Michelle agreed and laughed and said she wouldn't go for a walk if they could.

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