Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Great Beach Day

We can't seem to get enough of the ocean this week. Today we had a busy schedule: library by noon, voting, and depending on other factors, dump run and possibly beach trip. Under the time gun, I was trying to recall exactly what we had out from the library. I was pretty sure we were missing one of the Firebird's. Clever Willow suggested calling the library to enquire.

So, after scouring the most likely places (we have many books of our own-a dozen or so recently acquired to add to the confusion) I gave in and called the library. The librarian, bless her heart, after saying loudly, "It's very loud in here," and, "we're open all day due to voting at the town office next door," to, "how about I just extend you two more weeks?"

LOL. Yeah, sure. More time for me to finish the Satanic Verses by Rushdie (snooze-it's got to get to a point, somewhere....lol))

Well, that left plenty of free time to sort through all the garbage and recyclables that the SKUNK has been sifting through for the last week. Well, in my own defense the dump runs had been put off due to the condition of the tires on the auto-but I had four put on last week, so no excuse.

By the time we finished goat chores we were down to tees and sweating. Perfect beach day!

Straight to the dump and then off to the beach. We passed several voting stations enroute one of which was doing lively work. Mine was dead, when passing and upon return-when I was "doing my civic duty," as one aquaintence put it...

We were lawabiding citizens on this occasion to the oceanfront, and I headed straight for the gate at Big Beach. One other vehicle was there, parked outside the locked gate. We walked in, and passed two ladies who were exiting-one clad in a tank top and no jacket! who assured us it was a perfect beach day.

And so it was.

So, I sit and type this with one ear on the evening news downstairs... I hope you all voted! :)

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Wood Mouse said...

I just wish that such nice things got washed up on my beach.