Monday, October 20, 2008



This morning marked our third straight frost. While the third week of October is late for this region, things have been downhill since July with steady cooling and no warm spikes. This photo was taken yesterday around 8 am.

The hard frost this morning left no doubt-and black tender annuals in its wake. The ancient hemlock outside my window had frost up the entire Northwest side for most of the morning. The saplings shouted in amazement at 10 am to find skim ice in the buckets and rain barrels, and a frosty rabbit water bottle.

Where did July go, anyhow? Won't be long and I will have forgotten what green leaves look like. And..the weatherman said there is a chance of snow tomorrow night. :-


Tonia said...

Eeeeew snow!!! I am not ready for that stuff of course we dont have snow like you all do... Its usually cold cold ice snow cold... LOL I like the title picture its very Blue!!!

tree ocean said...

Ha! Thanks, the pic was originally titled, "no bat" since I was trying to get a pic of a bat flying around. It looked so Halloween-ish with the bat framed against that sky...but I liked the lines in this one so thought I would share it for a few days. Don't hold your breath for a bat shot! LOL.