Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Usually I dislike following large trucks. I prefer to see open road ahead of me-I am spoiled living out in the boonies. But, today, when this large hauler pulled out in front of us, we were shouting with glee at the maelstrom of leaves blowing in it's wake.

Quickly I started groping around on the passenger seat for the cam, to the great chagrin of the Firebird in the back. "you're going to take a picture while DRIVING?"

"It's ok, she does it all the time," answered the Willow. ;)

Easier than talking on a cell phone, in my book, except when the cam seizes up in one of its moods, which it did. I persisted, pulled the batteries out to reset it, and managed to get the shot after all.

Autumn gloom has settled in-with the clouds and damp I cannot but help feel a bit melancholy. Yesterday's solution? A hot batch of homemade chocolate cookies! While I can share the anxiety of my ancient ancestors over the need to stay unfrozen through a long stretch of winter, I found myself feeling very fortunate that I could sink my teeth into a warm homemade cookie. 30,000 years ago my ancestors were probably roaming the plains dressed in furs and drinking milk straight from the sheep. Here I have a lovely stainless bowl to mix the dough, and means to cook it quickly-and such delight-milled flour, leavening, processed sugars, salt, chocolate chips-and a homegrown egg, plus a whole stick of butter and some vanilla extract. Yummmmm.

Yes, I am very fortunate! :D

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