Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hurricane update

We are just seeing rain from the leading edge of Hurricane Kyle. That's right, in the last 6 hours windspeed has reached category 1 Hurricane strength of >72 mph. Current windspeed is 75 mph.

The forecast is still predicting landfall in far eastern Maine and the Canadian Maritimes, although a good section of the Maine coast is currently under Hurricane Watch. I think we are far enough inland that we won't take the brunt of it, although the firebird said that last night we were in the range of the 6-12 inches of rain prediction band.

AP is carrying the story, passing it off as not unusual, although we haven't had a Hurricane in 17years. That would have been Bob. It was sort of a joke with us as we had just left a nasty job where one of the bosses was named Bob. LOL. We were fine about 10 miles east of my current location, but my best friend lost her sailboat to Bob.

She rang me up to let me know her boat had pulled up its mooring and vanished. We spent hours canvassing the coastline and folks backyards with binoculars, until one homeowner told us a boat had smashed up on Witch Island. That turned out to be her Cape Dory. No insurance-she let a marine salvage company have it.

Before that we had another one that was not a big deal . We spent the day before landfall helping a friend secure his cottage and pull in docks. That sputtered out to nothing.

So here's hoping we don't get clobbered too badly. I have a rain gauge in place and we have already received 2-3 inches of rain from another system last night. The pond is flowing over the sluice, so a foot of rain is going to hit the pond hard, as it is already full up.

Will continue with updates as long as the power stays on.

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Tonia said...

I hope you dont get it to bad!! We got almost 4 inches in an hour with the last effects of a hurricane... Stay dry and safe!