Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate and updates

Just a quick note to my regular reader. I removed Rivergirl's blog from my blog list. Last night I picked up some adware from multiply in a scan, and I must have got it from her blog, since hers is the only multiply site I visit. She has started posting ads on there, as well as pix off the net, so I am sure it was unknowing on her part, but I just don't want the risk.

If you have been to her site, I suggest updating your antispyware and running a scan-my apologies.

I watched the debate between Obama and McCain last night, and it reinforced my backing of Obama.

One thing I want to say, it is unfortuneate that this bailout on Wall Street fell hard on the heels of Obama declaring he would invest 180 billion in an energy policy that would free us from our dependence on foreign oil and invest in alternate energies including solar and wind.

This bailout seems like a last ditch effort from the current administration to make sure that those changes can't happen.

Also ironic, IMO, is the fact that conservative Republicans are against it, and the news headers are placing this on the Dems like it is THEIR idea. Just because the Dems were terrorized into making an agreement does not mean that they like it, either.

I am against it in my gut-never thought I would side with conservative Republicans!!! Obama's comments on it did assuage some of my fears last night in that there will be some points in place to help protect the average American. The trouble is, we just have no idea what the banks will be selling us, and I am quite confident that the banks have been taking advantage of this delay to work to their advantage.

We should also add that we won't be buying any bad bank paper that was created more recently than the last month!

Now, some of you probably won't agree with me on this last point, and that is I am mad at the Dems for this line about how much we spend in Iraq versus how much Iraq has for themselves. The US is overseeing the export of a million barrels of light sweet crude out of Iraq per day. The Iraqis did not ask us to come in and destroy their country. Why should they be expected to pay for us being there? I think they have made it quite clear they want us out.

I just think how many wind turbines and solar panels and methane generators could be built on that 10 billion dollars a month we are sending to Iraq for that oil. In the meantime the world is showing more and more severe weather as a direct result of all the greenhouse gases we are dumping into the atmosphere.

The report came out that there was a 3% increase globally in greenhouse gas emissions last year. That far exceeded predictions. Some countries, such as Denmark and the UK, reduced emissions. China, the US, and India increased emissions.

And for the first time since I have spent nearly thirty years in this great state of Maine, a Hurricane is not coming up the eastern seaboard, but coming in off the ocean. IMO weather patterns have already started to reflect the changes seen in our atmosphere.

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