Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well it's hard to be fatalistic when under the influence of dandelion beer. 

But, when  15 year old girl in my state goes to meet someone she knew from facebook and ends up in the medical examiner's office it becomes every parent's nightmare.

Try to tell your 15 year old, remind them, that anyone can make a facebook profile and just because  5 or 10 of their friends are also friends of that person does not make that person ok....and deal with that attitude.

Inform and trust, and a lot of prayer. 

I guess it might help or may hinder that I walked off on my own at 16, wholeheartedly believeing that I would not live to see 21 because I just had too much trust in strangers.

Now that I am much older I ride the tin rocking horse between trust and paranoia.

Paranoia because I have known many souls that are just in it for their own good no matter what the cost, and others that would give you the shirt off their backs.

I still try and maintain that truth.  I hand out bucks to the homeless and hungry signwielders at the crossroads, wishing I had an extra room and more money.

I offered the kid I worked with today the clean socks off my feet since his were soaked through from riding a bicycle in the pouring rain to his job.  I had a pair from the day before in my car I could put on my own...and it so happened I had on guy socks since I was in a rush and grabbed the first mated pair I could locate in the clean laundry- a relatively new pair of the Firebird.

When he declined I felt sort of like an ass, of course who wants to wear someone else's socks? But having had wet feet in the past, I thought it was worth the offer.

Divide and conquer, that is where society is at in these times.

What of the parents trying to find their kids in the aftermath of the vicious tornadoes that devasted the midwest this week? Met with roadblocks, mothers having to walk for three hours to meet their sons and walk three hours back to their cars.

Remninscent of Katrina, where folks were forced to leave their beloved pets at the evacuation buses, or at home and not allowed to return.

We have a plan here, the Firebird being in high school hopefully won't be locked down, and is under orders to start walking, and either we will meet in the middle and go to claim the Willow, or he will continue home and I will claim the Willow on my own. 

I am hoping we won't ever have to be evacuated from here, or I envision us going down the road with a herd of goats and poor aging peko keeping the pack of cats and chickens and geese in order... we better be dragging a travois because I don't think the evac centers would let us in .

Since I see most of the blue coastal evac signs point in this direction I suppose that in case of real emergency most of our gang will be appropriated to feeding the masses... along with whatever crops I produce in the meantime.

but I hope I can be the one handing out the soup, and glad to be of service.

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