Friday, July 20, 2012

It's not cheap energy

I was just reading an update on the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  There were four reactors involved. Three reactors melted down. Number four reactor's spent fuel pool, containing nearly 1500 fuel rods, was severely damaged.

A remote camera and geiger counted were recently inserted in a hole in the ceiling of the basement of number one reactor.  The readings were 10,000 times higher than normal. A human would receive a year's allowable dose in 20 seconds and be dead in an hour.

Officials in charge admit new technology will have to be developed to handle repair and containment.

Also on the nuclear power front, Cental Maine Power, recently won a lawsuit in the tens of millions of dollars against the US government (taxes paid by US citizens fund the government, don't forget) for the government (taxpayers) failing to provide a safe place to store the spent nuclear waste for the next 20,000 years.

How did we get into this mess and why is it still going on? How did nuclear energy ever get approved without provisions to store the waste? Why should the taxpayers pay for the cost?

We are having the wool pulled over our eyes, folks, nuclear power is not cheap!

Only to the power companies, who are subsidized by the taxpayers so the people running the power companies can be rich! you can bet the folks in charge of energy are in the top one percent of the population.

We are fed all kinds of propaganda against alternative energy. Propaganda that divides the green movement.

I consider myself a devote environmentalist. Yes I feel badly for any birds that fall victim to an unshielded windmill. Just as I do for squirrels that get electrocuted on telephone poles. But a nuclear disaster contaminates the world's environment with deadly radiation for centuries.

I don't believe for a second that living near a windmill compares to living downwind or downstream from a nuclear power plant. 

Personally I love the sound of a windmill in action. whoomfph whoomfph whoomfph. Lookout birds!

Hydro is this a bad thing? How difficult and expensive is it to build fish ladders compared to trying to figure out how to contain three melted nuclear reactors? And once again, although I am an environmentalist, given the choice between the loss of a fish species to spreading cesium and plutonium all over the planet, I will take the former. Without hesitation,

Solar power, tidal power, geomass- ! How are these things bad for the environment or too expensive?

What is the value of safe energy?

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