Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love & Contrails

yeah, I love my dog and my daughter, and they love me and each other as well. :)
As I was reviewing this pic, I couldn't help but notice the sky in the background. There has been a lot of internet buzz in the so-called tin foiled hat circle that claims contrails are chemtrails and those are chemicals that are deliberately being applied to the atmosphere.
I remember seeing jet exhaust in the sky my whole life, these many long years, ha. I remember spending a day at the beach in the mid atlantic and my mother observing high haze, and saying those were the days you were really gonna burn so put on the coppertone!
Yeah, I blistered a few times.
Anyhow, it seemed obvious to this lay person that jet exhaust was merely that-moisture and stink. Oh, sorry, just recalling getting behind one of those D,C. city buses in 90 degree heat and 100 precent humidity, yuck.
That was until global warming started getting a lot of press and the backing of the scientific community. I started observing how contrails were thick and heavy leading into what was supposed to be a stretch of (unseasonably)warm clear days.
We were forecast for 70 today, March 18th. I saw 76 on my outdoor thermometer (incredibly, in the shade). Yesterday I was observing the sky with a friend- and the way the contrails were skimming out in the direction of the sun. I gestured and said, "the next one will be along there, and then one along there," and a few minutes we looked up and there they were, high altitude jets moving along to their destination. I contemplated a minute, judging cirrus tracks, and pointed, "next, over there, and there between that one, " and then they also appeared.
Well, maybe I would just make one hell of an air traffic controller! :)
Because it would seem obvious that is what I was actually witnessing, because no scientific mind could ever hope to believe that if one was trying to dilute the energy of the sun to mitigate the effects of the sun on global warming that they were writing a science fiction novel.
If the normal amount of sun's rays were prevented from reaching earth, all that carbon absorbing vegetation would slow in growth enough to cause an even larger growth of CO2 in the atmosphere. ( a major contributing factor of global warming). Not to mention the mildews and fungi and blight caused by less sunlight reaching the surface.
Somebody in charge has actually thought of that, right?

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