Monday, March 5, 2012

Circus Dreams

What a pleasant surprise to discover that we know a talented movie director! Thanks to the Taylors for inviting us to Maine International Film Festival's screening of Circus Dreams, directed by Signe Taylor.
The film is a documentary about the nation's only all-youth circus, Circus Smirkus, based in Vermont. Every year hundreds of aspiring 10-18 year olds apply for a chance to perform in a travelling circus for a season; 70 shows held in Northern New England.
Circus Dreams was highly entertainig, and has won several awards, including : Indie Spec Award, Boston International Film Festival; Youth Jury @ Sprockets, Toronto International Film Festival for Children and Youth; and Best Film for families, Seattle International Film festival.
Congratulations, Signe, on such an outstanding film!
Maine Public Tv will hold two screenings of a one hour version of Circus Dreams:
Thursday April 5 @ 10 pm
Saturday April 7 @ 3 pm

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