Friday, February 17, 2012


I really can't deal with liars.

Funny word in the English language, lie. I am referring to un-truths.
Lye is a caustic agent, burning skin on contact. Modern English slang ties lye with untruth: "Burn!"

Lie is also a description of an action of placing oneself prone upon a surface. Being told a blatant untruth has the effect of making oneself want to collapse into a prone position.

Almost every tells untruths.

Lies are told for different reasons.

To cover one's own ass.

To cover someone else's ass.

To achieve a means to an end.

The former type of lie, covering one's ass, is quickly learned in childhood. When faced with the threat, "I am going to beat you until you are red, white and blue"., one quickly learns to cover one's ass both physically and metaphorically.

The second type of lie, covering for someone else, seems the most noble, but has hidden egostical motivation. For example, your new co-worker, whom you like, has just accidentally broken some favored object belonging to your employer. You make up some story to take the blame, knowing that your employer can be somewhat volatile and not wanting to train a new co-worker.

However, your employer is paying the cost of the business and is entitled to have all information at their disposal in order to make informed decisions. You are presuming to know better than someone else.

This links the second type of lie to the third and most detestable type of lie, for manipulation. This type of lie is premeditated to achieve one's one ends at the expense of others.

Thus truth is critical to the proper functioning of society. Everyone has an inherent right to be properly informed so that they can make the best decision based on the facts.

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