Friday, May 13, 2011

Maine Spring

2011 has been a cold gray spring in this part of Maine. The wind has (howled) out of the North for the last four days; big clouds scudding southward.

The sun came out today. The black flies, normally thick this time of year, must have been swept down to Massachusetts. The increased airflow apparently hurried the mosquito hatch along-or they are last fall's survivors protected by our early and late snows and snow snow snows in between.

The usual white-knuckled icy glazed roads have turned beautiful. Everything is bursting. Emerald green fields blanketed in gold-dandelions. The eye-wrenching spring yellow is reinforced by the forsythias, in full color. White clouds of apple blossoms, pink ornamental cherries, brilliant fuschia-creeping phlox. More screaming yellow in beds and beds of daffodils. Red red red tulips.

The trees won't be denied. Bursting pink buds, drooping pollen-encrusted blossoms, light light green buds everywhere.

Eyes closed, the afternoon sun glows blood-orange through the back of the eyelids. The mosquitoes take their share.

Rain comes.

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