Friday, September 10, 2010

It's official

I'm a soccer Mom. First game was today. We lost, but the team has some potential. One of our defense guys can drive kick the ball almost the length of the field, but he's rough. He body slammed three opposing team members. Ouch.

The Firebird is on defense, and kicked in at the end of the game. In the beginning he kept patting down his hair, and I said to Willow if he kept it up I was going to shave it all off. After the game, we were talking and he said the coach talked to him. I asked what he said?

"If you don't stop playing with your hair I'm going to cut it off." hahaha.

I really enjoyed watching the game. At this age, the talent has increased substantially and there were some incredible moves happening. I don't usually watch sports, but when I do I get into it. LOL. I burst out several times.

The weather has frozen from 90's to low 60's with a driving wind. We were freezing!

Ah Maine, gotta love it.

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