Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Star Struck

The Willow and I just came in from an early morning rising to observe the Leonid meteor showers. Willow shouted her first sighting just as we went outside- to the east over the low constellation of Leo.

The frost was thick on the cushions of the papasan chair, so I flipped them over and relocated it to a more central location on the lawn, and threw on some blankets and we huddled down to observe.

We alternated sightings; first Willow, then me, then Willow, then me, until we both finally saw one together.

The dog actually got up and went out with us, and curled up under the blankets keeping our feet warm while we watched. We also spied Saturn and Venus along with the easily identifiable Big Dipper.

We gave up as the sky was lightening, and came in for bagels and hot cocoa for Willow and coffee for me.

A Million Candles

A million candles fill the night,
they glisten in the dark,
and though by day they hide their glow,
now each displays its spark.

Amidst them all, there is one light
that has a special shine,
and that's the one whose name I know...
I think that it knows mine.

Jack Prelutsky


~Tonia said...

I wanted to see it But we have had clouds for days again!!! Sounds like fun!!

Wood Mouse said...

On Saturday as Katrina and I were going for the taxi home, I was pointing out some of the constellations to her and we saw a shooting star. Obviously it was the leading edge of the Leonid shower. We did not wish on it, as we both have what we want already.

tree ocean said...

We were lucky it was clear and no moon. The Firebird and I stayed up for one and the clouds moved in and we were sort of skunked.

Darn mouse, I forgot about wishing on falling stars...:) Glad to hear you are content!

tree ocean said...

oh, also there was Taurids happening and also random meteors occur, so the location would determine if you were actually seeing a Leonid.