Friday, October 9, 2009


The only television news I receive is CBS. Usually I watch the local news and then World news for an hour every evening. This week I am boycotting the World News.

The focus is propaganda about Afghanistan. CBS is determined to convince their viewing public that Afghanistan is a terrible, dangerous place and we need more troops there.

Let me just ask a question. If we had foreign troops on our soil, kicking in our doors and confiscating our guns, hauling our men away for detention, would we not fight back? Wouldn't we be holding militia style training camps to blast them off the face of the earth, if not our roadways?

In between these special reports in Afghanistan, Katie Couric apparently had an aneurysm and let slip some news about Chicago. Chicago, Illinois, right here in the States. Video was shown of a classroom of children beating a 16 year old classmate to death.

Figures were thrown about: now, my recall is not what is used to be, so I may be off on some of these numbers, but I am close.

60 children died in Chicago this year from violence. 600 injured. The governments response? 32 million dollars to shadow 1200 children to and from school.

That's just Chicago. If this was happening in a foreign country that had some economic value to us, we would be up in arms. Less than 100 US troops were killed in Afghanistan during active conflict last year, yet the same number of children killed in Chicago does not warrant the deployment of the National Guard?

No, they're too busy pulling up opium plants in Afghanistan.

Gotta to keep the street price of narcotics up there, supply and demand and all that...after all, the FDA limits US drugs companies on the amount of narcotics they can produce annually-every January chronic pain sufferers have to hop from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to find one that hasn't sold their annual quota yet...

Better send some more troops to pull poppies; the drug companies need to make some more money.

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