Friday, October 16, 2009

Does He Think He's Next on the Menu?

Last night I had broiled lamb chops for dinner. The kids don't like lamb, so this was a rare indulgence on my part.

Towards the end of my meal, I noticed the dog, Peko, standing at the edge of the kitchen watching me. He had excellent house manners when he arrived here from the shelter-I have spoiled him and frequently give him a bite of whatever I am eating. He really only begs from me as a result.

At any rate, I took a bit of lamb and held it in my outstretched hand. He sniffed it and backed away rolling his eyes as if it was poison.

So I took one of the kids' leftover bites of chicken breast and tossed it to him. He automatically caught it, and then spit it out and sniffed it thoroughly before eating it.

After I finished eating, I joined everyone in the living room and the dog was acting very peculiar. When we first brought him home he would ask permission to get on the couch-now he usually tries to nab the best spot first. Last night, however, he sort of cowered on the floor and had to be coaxed up by the Firebird.

The dog now had our full attention.

We have goats, and Peko will charge the fence and bark viciously at them and get reprimanded. I noticed when my first male goats started to mature they smelled a lot like lamb chops, so much so that it used to instigate a Pavlov reflex in me. (I have fortuneately outgrown that trait)

So, what was going on with the dog? I had to wash my hands, soak the broiler pan, wipe the table, wash my face, and still he backed away at the odor of lamb on my breath.

Did he think I had eaten one of our group?

Did he have a bad experience with his previous family by snagging lamb off the table and then was taken to the shelter?

If it was the former, I think I might turn vegetarian again despite my love of lamb-with a little rosemary and garlic, please.

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~Tonia said...

Poor dog can you imagine that thoughts going thru his head???