Sunday, September 20, 2009

Health Insurance

I completely disagree with forcing Americans to pay private companies for health insurance or face a fine.

*EDIT* I then went on to add the following, which is based on if everyone has to partake-but it would include the public plan.

Make a public option and charge everyone 2,400 each annually. Add it to income. If the poorest of the poor's income plus the insurance tax is less than the minimum to pay income tax, their insurance is free. If folks want to pay for private insurance and opt out of the public plan, they can deduct the cost of their plan...up to a certain point.

Once income exceeds certain levels, public plan money must be paid in increments if private insurance is chosen over public. People over a certain income must still pay the 2,400 even if they have other insurance.

This makes it fair and affordable for everyone.

One thing's for sure-the real winners in the current health care plan are not the public or the insurance companies-it's the drug companies. Follow the money.


~Tonia said...

So its doesnt really change anything....
If they could reduce the cost of some of these things it would make a difference. We have insurance, my parents dont. My dad is Self-employed and pays taxes every year. If they dont carry insurance which would be outragous for the 2 of them(They have checked into it before) They would be fined for not having it..
As I said before we have insurance and its considered a good insurance.. But it still exceeds our ability to pay when needed. You never get sick when you have money.
I think they are making it Way to complicated. But that is the governement and $$ that screws everything up. I mean come on can some of those drugs Honestly cost $5 a pill to make??
Anyway I agree with you!

tree ocean said...

I really have no idea how to "fix"it-I was just throwing some ideas out there. I just despise the thought of everyone being forced to be part of it. There should be a choice.

What about folks that believe in natural therapies? They would be forced to pay for insurance they will never use...