Friday, July 17, 2009

Today's Sightings

Tentatively identified as Blinded Sphinx Moth

- - Sphinginae/Smerinthini/Paonias excaeacatus
Slug From Maine

Three pages of google image slug and grossed out before I could ID it.



~Tonia said...

Slugs are so Gross!!! Lol My girls check the front porch every morning for moths. Its almost like Christmas to them!!
SO is Wapati like Deer?

Warren said...

cool looking moth! I can see it really disappearing on the right background of tree bark.

Slugs. ugh. I guess I don't have anything against slugs as long as they don't have anything against me. :)

tree ocean said...

We get a lot of moths, I took a pic of a smaller one that was not so clear. It's more work when I post it since I feel I should identify it. LOL.

Wapati are elk, also known as red deer, but not the same as the European red deer.

Yeah, Warren they have been sooo bad this year with all the rain-one day I came in from the garden, and my son said, "You have a slug in your hair!" Ewww. :)

You probably don't get many down there...(another reason to live in Arizona)