Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainbow Tonight

Yesterday was like living in a cloud bank. Today dawned the same, and then about 9 am the sun broke through and the humidity level skyrocketed. There was so much moisture evaporating it immediately reformed into clouds and blocked out the sun. ON the way to Nash it looked like thunderboomers were threatening.

The whole day went like that, sun, clouds, moisture, energy building. Finally about 4 the thunder started grumbling. I was filled with pre-storm energy and hustled about the yard putting things away and neatening up. The thunder kept booming off to the west, and that is where our bad storms come from.

Two hours it thundered to the west, then some to the North, and some to the south. I couldn't tell which way the storm was going. It felt like it was circling us.Then the sun broke through over the house, and we enjoyed this rainbow for twenty minutes. I even saw a flash of lightning while looking at the rainbow.

Then the storm and the rainbow evaporated.

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~Tonia said...

We had storms all around us last night. Clouds were rolling and black and then it would lighten up finally around 10 or so it rained.. Funny thing It didnt hardly show on the radar. But it was pouring here. There is just something about a rainbow! I know what causes it but to still see it in the sky big enough to be seen like that its just so Neat!!