Thursday, July 23, 2009

Check your Credit Report

I have been recently considering applying for a car loan, but I thought I would first check my credit report. Here in the US we are able to get a free annual report from each of three different credit reporting agencies. I chose to request just one, from Experion.

When I opened it this am, I was horrified. There were three pages of negative reports, including bankruptcies. All of it from other states. Under personal information, there were over a dozen names that weren't mine. Addresses that weren't mine, etc, etc.

Over an hour on the phone with Experion I finally got it sorted. I had to talk with someone directly, it wouldn't take online disputes or automated phone ones.

Was it fraud? No, the bogus listings and names didn't even have my SS#. Somehow another person was meshed into my credit report.

I have used the same name for my whole life, and lived in Maine over thirty years, ten years at the same address, yet somehow someone else's bad credit got onto my report. GRRRRR>

Well, the Experion rep assured me it has all been removed and safeguards put in place that will prevent anymore information that does not belong to me from getting on there in the future. And they will be sending updated credit reports to anyone that has requested one on me, of which there were at least a dozen-if they were enquiring about me and not this alter ego, I suppose.

Now I am left wondering what information the other two agencies have on file for me, or not me, as the case was.

I suppose I should be happy the corrected report looks great, and I am happy I fixed at least one report before I sit down in front of a bank or auto loan officer...still, THE HORROR. Check your credit report!!!!!


~Tonia said...

That would be a headache to even think about unraveling!!

Anonymous said...

You should check yours-then I found after she corrected it there was still an address for Massachusetts on the corrected one-so I disputed it online rather than go through the phone again-all the bad stuff was off though I didn't want to chance that address...then I ordered one from each of the other two so we'll see what they say...scary to think they can nail you for someone else's bad credit it's hard enough in this day and age to keep up for ourselves...


Wood Mouse said...

It is the same situation here, and the same three companies. When this comes up on consumer programmes on the media, radio and television, they say that you need to check all three as you don't know what loan company will use what Credit Scoring company. Also if one has wrong information on it, then all three is likely to have this, and it may not be the same information. I know that it is a hassle, but if you check and correct your report in advance, it will make getting finance easier.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have sent for the other two. Still, the woman told me I could take that report and go to my creditors and use it to get lower interest rates. Well, that means false information on reports is used by finance companies to jack up interest rates-so it seems quite a racket that info that isn't yours gets put on there and then the companies can use that as an excuse to charge you more money....Hmmm someone is making money on false reports...I wonder how widespread this is?