Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Harassing the Fish

If I was almost 8 years old and hauling in fish like these on my kiddie pole....no wonder Willow loves to fish.

Large mouth Bass first of 6 fish

Willow 609

Large mouth Bass second fish


She reeled in four bass off the dam and kept me hopping. I couldn't get my hands dry enough to roll a cigarette what with her catching them and needing re-worming. She also got snagged in the trees overhead several times, and I did say a silent thank you to last year's tree-trimmer since this is usually not a problem.

Then I realized I had more space between her swivel and bobber than usual, since I had to re-bobber her today after the mackerel trip. So she had more line to snag in the trees. Still, we were lucky that I managed to pull in every one enough to rip off the leaves or twigs and we didn't lose any gear to the trees today.

Then we moved back to the cove.

Pumkinseed 5th of 6 fish

Willow 609

The Firebird changed his mind and showed up, pole in hand, right after this last fish was caught, and reeled in two small, 6-8 inch Bass.

Willow ended up racing back to the garden to dig more worms, and caught one more Pumkinseed after the Firebird gave up and went home.

Willow fed the last of the worm bits to her friends, the baby pumpkinseeds, that live near the shore in the weeds. Fun to watch them come out and nibble the worm bits. Next thing she will be naming them all. :-X


I couldn't resist adding one more of my Mother's Day Rose, a gift from the Boy Who Lived in the Tree


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Warren said...

Very cool fish pictures! Thats one pretty pumpkinseed fish.