Monday, May 18, 2009

Golden Eagle Pair Maine


Sharp eyed Willow spotted the Golden pair and I pulled over and started wildly grabbing pics.

The goldens have been very skittish this year-I suspect the small plane that has been flying low over their range has stirred them up. I am fairly sure it is F & W trying to confirm my report from last year.

Finally the last week or two we have seen them in their regular old haunts-but I don't think they nested this year, since we have always spotted them in pairs, and frequently in a group of four. Two pairs, or previous offspring?

Today we spotted the senior pair-because they are more familiar with us and stayed closer, although still out of rifle shot, I expect, although I am not a hunter, so I wouldn't know.

As I started to pull away, Willow rolled down her window and started giving the alarm call. I asked her why, and she said she felt they were at risk where they were cruising along the road, and wanted to warn them to move back. Gotta love that girl. :-X

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