Saturday, April 18, 2009


We have watched a few new to us DVD's recently.

Marley and Me: I thought Jennifer Anniston did a good job with it, but I wish we hadn't bought it-I probably won't watch it again, unless I need a good cry. :(

Chihuahua: This was cute, Drew Barrymore (ET, Olive the other Reindeer) does the voice of the star chihuahua and it works.

National Treasure: this has been out awhile, and I kept feeling that we had seen it already, but I think I read the book? So it killed it a little for me-you definitely don't want to know what happens. I thought Sean Bean was too likeable for a bad guy.

Bedtime Stories: the kids loved this one. I liked it. Adam Sandler is a little laid back in it (for him), but he has a side kick that is pretty wild, so maybe he just seems tame and normal in comparison.

I guess the one I would watch again in the near would be Bedtime Stories.

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