Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prophetic Dreams?

I decided this afternoon at hay time to ask the Firebird to help me comb Nicolas. Nicolas is very difficult to comb, jumpy, and tries to butt you. So, two people are in order.

Goats shed their undercoat, or cashmere, at different rates. Nic has already shed his neck out-now we are working on topline and shoulders mostly.

I decided to tie him out in the woods where I put the hay. First thing, I sprung my ankle, and then tripped on the stone wall and fell face first. Luckily I had an armload of hay to break my fall. The goats were all crowding me as I tried to spread the hay. I should have taken it for an omen.

Nic was his typical jerky self, and we spent more than a half hour combing Nic. I was using a white plastic grocery bag hung on a tree to put the cashmere in. All of a sudden, the Firebird yelled, "Ani has the bag!"

Ani, a small Alpine wether, had torn the bag off the tree and was proceeding to eat it. I was off like a shot chasing that damn goat! Over the stone wall, yelling, chucking the wire brush and hitting his behind, and still he kept running and chewing. I watched the bag disappear and yelled for the Firebird to help me corner the goat.

Back in the muck pen, Ani finally turned as I said his name, and I reached over one of the little houses as he offerred the bag. I tore the bag out of his mouth and he prompty swallowed the rest. I have no idea how much fiber I lost to that pig, but a good chunk of bag is unaccounted for.

Shortly afterwards I recalled my nightmare the other night. I dreamed that a coyote was chasing Anaken through the woods and caught him just where I caught him this afternoon.

I suppose if any coyotes (the tricksters) were watching today, they had a good chuckle at my expense.


Wood Mouse said...

In my spare time I carry out psychological consultations on animals, I had this Coyote send me details of a dream where they saw an ENT chasing a Goat.

Will eating the fibre put hairs on his chest?

Wood Mouse said...

As I was preparing my evening meal, I thought about what Anaken had done and realised that he must have gone over to the “Dark Side”. I think it was while I was holding the light sabre, or was it the steel?

tree ocean said...

hahaha you are so funny thanks for the chuckle. That was a concern with his name-that he would become evil. :D