Friday, March 27, 2009

Mud Season

I was so tired yesterday afternoon after combing at the farm all morning. I had a late start and even though I skipped graining my goats for later and just threw them hay, we were in the car three minutes later than usual. I no sooner started the car then a friend showed up with the Johnny's seed catalog for me! Ha-ones of those days!

Anyhow, I was in pj's lounging in front of the comp and heard a noise yesterday afternoon and we had company! The nice lady next door and her great-granddaughter came to visit. I had changed the phone number and they couldn't call first. Willow has missed her friend, so it was a nice suprise. Except I still had not gone to the dump and they were standing out front staring at my bags of garbage the coon had been into. The woodpile that was hiding the trash has been used this month, so it was quite an eyesore out there! I called them around back ,through the MUD (!) and cleaned off the table so we had a place to sit and chat.

I was very happy I had switched rooms with Willow 'cos the girls went upstairs and spent a great two hours making lots of noise and playing with tons of toys! The downstairs was another matter! A bit of a shambles with dirty dishes and needing to vaccuum. I need more visitors to keep me on my toes!

Anyhow, I did get the dishes done later and went to the dump today. Can't do anything about the mud around the yard, though!

Then, of course, things are always happening that set me back. The Firebird went out to water the goats this afternoon and Nicolas was out (again). Nic was out back in the woods yelling 'cos he couldn't figure out how to get back in! (I told boss I think he is retarded. I know that expression is frowned upon, but he is a goat)

Firebird coaxed him down around the fence and Nic couldn't get back through the gate fast enough! (I wonder how long he had been "lost"?)

That meant walking the fenceline. We had to dig some snow out back to free the fifth line-the sixth is still disconnected. I think he is jumping the fence, though, so we found a spot by the rock wall where we rolled some stones down to make a bigger jump if that is where he is getting out.

I had a nightmare about a coyote getting one of the goats last night, and trying to chase it off unsuccessfully. Not good! So, at least we have another line hot on the back line!

The whole front pen is inches deep in thawed goat manure. Really bad this year! I think I am going to tear that part of the fence down and put it up out back and then seed out in front. I also might just block them off there for the summer and seed it. It does make a nice winter pen and I can see the goats from the house. If they just wouldn't stand there and poop all day! Go out in the woods! LOL.

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Wood Mouse said...

As my cat has been half diagnosed with dementia, perhaps Nicolas has caught it from her? Also if it were not for visitors I would do no housework, if I could. Shame faced grin.

I know what you mean about animals defecating, when I had the Chickens (Light Sussex), when the winter was over cleaning the housing was always hard as I could only do it properly when all the hens were out. And in winter they wouldn’t go out. Thus the roof always came closer to my head by spring. Did make good compost though.

Cure for the nightmare, think Acme!