Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enough of Winter

I called S bright and early this am to plow us out. So far this winter I have assured him that I am stocked up and in no hurry to have the driveway plowed. This weekend I was in denial, I guess, and didn't get out to stock up. Plus, I needed to get to the bank today.

I looked out mid morning and saw his truck way down the drive, and I could make him out ahead of the truck, snow flying. Hmmm. I suited up (yes, winter requires some coats, gloves, boots, etc-no running out barefoot to greet visitors) and waded through the snow down the drive.

Boy, was S mad!!! He was on glare ice shoveling a huge pile of snow. The snowbanks are so high in the drive that the snow won't go to the side, and it just builds up in front of his plow. Then the thaw and rain we had on Friday made the lower drive a skating rink, so he couldn't get any traction to push the mountain of snow piling up in front of his plow.

Basically, he was digging me out by hand and not happy. I told him I would get a shovel and went back to the house for the good one. He was mostly done the second pile by then, but much calmed down and we chatted and slung snow til we had the pile over the banks.

I clambered over the bank into the garden, figuring we would have to repeat the procedure, and no point in going much further. I sank in up to my hips in snow. Yeah, we have a BUNCH of snow built up on the ground. I have intentions of going out on the lawn with a stick and my tape measure, but that means pants and boots filled with snow, so not much incentive there...LOL. You'll just have to take my word for it. At least three feet of snowpack out there.

It has been so cold this winter, the shadow of the snow forts we built back in December are still visible. The ground has been white since December. Gahhhhhh!!!!

What does green look like? How does grass feel between your toes? What does a locust chirping on a hot summer night sound like? The smell of fresh mown hay??? Leaves on the trees?!?!?! *SIGH*

Someone ought to make white plastic Easter eggs for us Northerners. They would be much easier to hide than the colored plastic ones! The last few years I just take a handful and toss them across the lawn, where they go skittering and sliding on the ice crust and then vanish into the depressions. Looks like the same modus operandi for this Easter....

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