Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Diss Me

"you're dissing me" is an old expression. I think it means disrespect, or pulling someone's leg.

My last couple of days have been dis. Disgusting, dismal, discombobulated, disrespected, disinterested, discontented, disturbed, disconnected, disheveled.

I am fortunate enough to have ones in my immediate environment that support and in at least one case, worship me. I can't feel down around Rubes. She will come sit on my lap and purr in her funny high trilling manner, and then lick my hand, and then my nose if she can reach it. She is letting me know I saved her and she loves me. Every night when I go to bed she will be there by my pillow. When I burnt my foot, she stayed downstairs with me until I made it to bed. A very faithful friend!

I had to shake my melancholy and took Peko down to the stream yesterday.The saplings found a downed tree at the bottom of the ridge and played balance beam on the four inch trunk. Peko and I went on. He was VERY excited! Once or twice he started racing around at high speed with his jowls flapping and his tail tucked between his legs.

I had one of those moments where I really appreciated my life. The pretty little piece of land I call home. Lucky Lady. :)

Don't be fooled by the pic-we still have several feet of snow on the lawn. I think it blows down off the pond all winter.

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~~~~~~Tonia said...

If it werent for the ones that love you it wouldnt be worth it!! I tell my DH if it wasnt for people Life would be perfect!!