Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Late Mother, Women's Health, and Oh, What a morning!

Happy Birthday to my late Mother!! She is on the left, third back, beautiful brunette. Handsome Dad is on the right in the front. I have no clue who the other folks are, or what they are celebrating. I would guess this photo is from the mid to late 50's.

I had my first mammogram today, and it was a piece of cake. To my woman reader, please don't put off a mammogram because you are afraid. The only discomfort I felt was under the breast where my rib pressed against the shelf. The tech was delightful, so pleasant. She showed me each pic as it came up on the computer-and I had to say that my breasts looked very lovely in x-ray. LOL.

The pelvic sonogram was first, and a woman needs a full bladder for that one. The test is performed externally, with lubricant on the lower abdomen and a sort of microphone applied to the lower pelvis. Right on the bladder. Yeah, mine was FULL ouch!!!!! The tech was stone faced throughout and not very pleasant. The highlight of that was I had a chance to see some pix of fetuses in 3D sonogram ( a recent technological development) afterwards. One had its tongue sticking out. So cute!

I was worried those tests were to be scheduled for MY birthday at the end of the month-how ironic they fell on my mother's birthday. Here's to all women out there! *group hug*

My morning started out rather emotional in memory of my mother. Then I checked my e-mail and found a request from my sis to sign my recently passed brother-in-law's guest book online obituary. As I sat there trying to think what to say to him in farewell, I started sobbing.

A gentle reminder to cherish all our loved ones while they are here with us.

While I was completing my internet obligations, Peko started barking. I jumped up and thought I heard a strange noise coming from out front. Unable to identify it, I shrugged it off. About 15 minutes later I was in the kitchen and heard a goat bellow out back. I looked out and saw all the goats but one clustered in a group looking very alarmed. I KNEW what was up-I grabbed a pair of scissors and flew out the door. (there I go running with scissors again!)

Sure enough, I found Jenny strangling in one of the tarps I hung a couple weeks ago. Her entire upper body was caught with the tarp twisted tightly over her head and neck. She was lying on the snow. Quickly I put the scissors into action, freeing her front leg that was caught, and then along her face to free her mouth as she was having trouble breathing. Then she got to her feet and I yanked the tarp off her horns, and she was shivering, but free and uninjured. My heart was racing!!!!

Phew! I went back in to re-group and fix breakfast. We were under the gun to get the chores done so I could head out for the hospital tests. Next thing I know, an old friend who hasn't been by in months was sticking his head in the door! I knew he must need a sympathetic ear so I sent the saplings out to start chores without me while I visited as long as I could before I had to leave.

I have never done the goat chores so fast! Ten minute record! Then I scraped the ice and snow off the car, changed my clothes, and left for my appointments. I walked into x-ray at 11 am on the dot, and cruised right through both tests with no waiting. The hospital was very efficient-I was quite impressed! I was even home for lunch!

Now I think I will just hide for the rest of the day! And maybe make a cake for us to share with my mother's spirit. I want chocolate, but for some reason I keep sensing, "vanilla".

She and I could never agree on anything!

Tonia and VG, thanks for your comments on "Feel"!

Tonia, I love your fire pix! Let's just hope we don't melt our cams taking them! hehe.

VG, it is coals in the woodstove!!! It reminded me of a lava mountain, too!!!

I have been wanting to take a pic of a red hot coal on my palm for "Feel". The saplings are always amazed when I can pick up a hot coal that spills out and toss it back in. But, the trick is the timing! I could not get the coal in my palm and pick up the cam before I had to toss the coal back!!! If I had a tripod and used the timer I might have managed it. I just had to settle for a pic of the coals.

I spend a lot of time in front of that stove in the winter around here! hehehehe.


Velvet Ginger said...

Your Mother is beautiful. How long has she been gone? Glad you got the tests...and I miss my wood stove! (boy was I off on that picture!)
Can I please have your email addy? I wanted to write you about the test taking thing on my blog.

tree ocean said...

Mom has been gone...ummm..7 or eight years? Before the birth of my last one, my daughter-I tease her she is my mother reincarnated LOL.

I will e-mail you and add you so your reply shouldn't go to spam-my primary mail I check once a day in the am but get TONS in the bulk folder since I have had it for years...a lot of the spam is dated NEXT week or ten years from now so anything recent gets way lost....

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

I love the old pictures like that! Your mom is beautiful! I have alot of my grandparents. I have tried to talk my MIL into letting me copy her family photos so I when they girls get older I could have copies for each of them. But so far no go she just puts me off!!
How scary about the tarp and the goat!! Things like that make your heart stop!!
I would be lost with out my camera!! SO I zoom a little when I take fire pictures!! LOL
Glad your test when so smooth!! I cant seem to get anywhere on time lately. I hate that!!

Wood Mouse said...

I can see where you and the saplings get their good looks from. Glad to hear the tests went well for you, and that you keep on passing your MOT.