Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Black Kitty


Remember the cat that was stuck under the house when we had that foot and a half of snow? Well, he's still coming around.

I think he might be feral. He is very skittish and after weeks of putting a bowl of food out for him every night, he is just now pausing before fleeing when we open the door after showing him the food through the window.

We call him Black Kitty. He is gorgeous, although the pic does not do him justice. I took it through the window with just the porch light for lighting.

He might belong to one of the neighbors. One of these days I will make the rounds and ask them, and give them our new number, which I just changed last week. Since he is just hanging around outside I don't mind putting a little extra food out for him. :D

We'll see what happens in the next few nights-he has been lingering by the door, and the temps are supposed to be below zero the next several nights, with daytime highs in the single digits. Frigid temps and a warm house usually bring around even the most scared animals.

Oh yeah, I started the car this afternoon. ;)

Tonia, over on my blog list at , put some wicked great bald eagle shots on her blog today. Check it out.

Tonia, I have been having trouble commenting when I am logged into Firefox. Next time I am on IE I will drop a comment. :D

Velvet Ginger, there are at least four grey squirrels that all look very similar, so naming will be a challenge. However, I was dragged out of sleeping in late this am by a fussing squirrel. I got out of my warm, sweet bed and looked outside, and there she was, fussing and flicking and staring in my window. I figured black kitty must have been around.

I did take the opportunity to ask its name for you, and the reply was, "Hurrrrr."

She must be the matriarch squirrel. :D

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Velvet Ginger said...

LOL@ you tree!!!!
I have a rotten black cat taht my daughter pawned off on me if you want him!