Saturday, December 27, 2008


The Firebird slept in exceedingly late again this morning, as did the Willow, but she insisted on helping with the chores while the Firebird slept, oblivious.

Afterward, Willow and I went straight into snow construction.

Willow worked on building her very own snowman, while I started in on a new and improved fort number two, since number one's walls had thinned considerably with the above freezing temps.

In fact, the warm temps made the snow perfectly sticky. I started slicing out blocks of snow about 8 inches wide and straight down with the snow shovel. The snow is about a foot deep right now, and the shovel is about 16 inches wide. So I had some good sized blocks going once I got in the swing of things. I stacked them in a 12 foot diameter circle, minus a small entrance. In about an hour I had the walls well over four feet.

Every so often I would pat handfuls of snow like mortar. Then I found out I could sling shovels of snow at the walls and it was so sticky it would stick like a well shaken can of whipped cream.

Willow needed help putting the middle on her snowman. She did the rest all by herself. The Firebird came out and threw himself down on the snow, eyeballed our creations, and exclaimed, "phew that was hard work!" LOL.

He has (finally) shed the orange knit hat for a black ball cap embroidered with a psychedelic FLORIDA, a Christmas gift from-where else-Florida relatives.

A raw damp day, more movies were in order; Walle and Elf again, Harry Potter 2, and the Princess and the Troll. The latter was a cute little animation, new story line to us girls-The Firebird retreated to his room for that one.

Still finishing off the sugar cookie dough-but aren't they especially good hot from the oven? :D

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Velvet Ginger said...

It sounds like you had a great time. My sister's and I used to make snow forts and snowmen & Snow Horses!!! We actually rode them... you brought back fond snow memories for me!