Saturday, December 20, 2008


Just wanted to add to my last post about underground utilities. I had limited my suggestion to the Northern US. Upon further reflection I remembered all the devastation of hurricanes and tornadoes down south. Surely the whole country would benefit from an underground power supply. Possibly lines would even be safe well below ground in wildfire country. Not sure about the effects of earthquakes on underground wires, but most likely they would be more secure than above ground. Just think of the suffering that could be alleviated in times of disaster if people had access to power.


Romance-wise, I am trying to put the brakes on and keep it as friends. I can always use another friend! Unfortunately that message seems to be translating into going slow-which are two different beasts entirely. Hopefully it won't turn into another problem like the last time. I had to sever all contact with that guy, and I still just received a Christmas card from him. Innocuous enough, I suppose-but how about a bit more guilt for the holidays?

Longest night of the year! Winter solstice is exact around 7 am tomorrow. I am not sure if that means tomorrow will be the shortest day or if tonight or tomorrow is the longest night? Anyhow, it's bitter cold out there with lots of white stuff on the ground.

The Firebird and I walked the fence line today. Sir Nick the prick (sorry but it rhymes and also fits) keeps busting into the other pen. A lap of the fenceline showed why. I doubt it was throwing any charge at all. Well, I fixed it all and set myself up to disconnect the bottom two lines with the snow tomorrow night-so I hope Sir Nic gets a nice little zap when he tries that fence tonight! *evil chuckle*

I hope everyone is getting into a festive mood for whatever winter holiday you're celebrating!


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Lol at the Sir Nic rhyme!! Longest night does that mean I get to sleep longer?? Lol right!! We have all kinds of fun going on here!
To bad some people just dont get the hint sometimes!!
The one problem I see with underground lines here is the ROck!! Of course we are just a mere 3 hours drive from the New Madrid fault so if it ever decides to give us a shake we would be affected!!
Its always great(bad) entertainment to watch that daring one try the fence!! And when they get the pee knocked out of them you give an evil laugh and then think.. Oh my did I just laugh like that?! lol

tree ocean said...

Ha ha Tonia! You need some of our snow to warm you up! I can't post a comment on your blog but I will try IE later-Mozilla won't let me.