Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Here is a pic of a snow fort we built this afternoon. Just as the timer went off on the cam, the Firebird knocked a snowball out of Willow's mitten. Peko, out of sight in the fort, leaped straight through the middle of the wall in front of the Willow after the snowball, destroying part of the wall.

I was so hoping that the timer went off as he was bursting through the wall, but we missed it. Peko had been dying to jump on that wall for the last hour. Willow was pretty put out-we left off with promises of trying to patch up the wall tomorrow, although it is supposed to be frigid single digits with wind chills.

Speaking of wind, I would be amiss not to mention the storm we had pass through yesterday. The temps broke freezing, and in the wee hours (after 1 am) the tail end of the storm moved through with gale force winds and torrential rain. I was shot out of a sound sleep by a storm- related nightmare to fierce winds gusts and rain or hail pounding on the roof. Maybe we had thunder and that was what woke me up. Crazy stuff.

We lost the power for only an hour in the middle of the morning, just as I was cooking banana bread. I fashioned a makeship oven out of a double pan and foiled it and sat it on a rack over the coals in the woodstove. I torched my finger trying to turn the pan later. I bet that stainless was over 500 degrees. I was afraid the bottom of the bread was burning, so I put it on the top of the stove on a metal trivet. Then the power came back on just soon enough to finish it off in the small oven.

It actually came out edible despite its trials and tribulations, although a bit heavy as it fell when I first moved it-you know, don't bang a pan of cooking cake, not that I dropped it. LOL

That was the day, a series of ups and downs, but the ups were really up there and the downs didn't damper our spirits a bit.

We visited the Boy who Lived in the Tree and his family. In between we watched a bunch of movies:

Elf with Will Farrell

Walle-animated futuristic robot

Santa Claus 2 with Tim Allen

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. :)

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Cute picture!! The Santa Claus movies are some of my favorite holiday movies.
I hate it when I bump a cake!! But that was always my dads favorite part is if it fell and then the icing pooled there and made it gooey!! Its in the 60*s here and we are supposed to have severe storms!! YUCK!!!