Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year-kisses all around. :-X

Folk lore claims that the first person we kiss on the New Year will be with us all year.
Here is my New Year's Eve wish, for everyone to receive a kiss such as this:

Let me tell you this
about how I like to kiss
with children and pets
just a pursey smack

With the man of my dreams
not soft like whipped cream
but absorbed and with passion
not concerned with fashion

movement and pressure
sharing breath and spirit
and more
do you want to hear it?

Tongue is good darting and searching
swirling and teasing
Teeth are for nibbling
not for cracking on mine

eyes closed or locked
as long as intent is not blocked

The body should feel the kiss
the power runs from the mouths
through the heart and breast
the loins put to the test

the legs, the toes
the whole body knows
the power of a kiss
such as this.

Happy New Year


Velvet Ginger said...

I will be kissing my little grandaughters and my kitties so the first paragraph pertains to me!
Happy New Year Tree!!! I am so glad we became blogger Fr

tree ocean said...

me too VG- the first paragraph refers to me tonight as well.. :)

Velvet Ginger said...

I think it's the best one!