Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Been busy!

Whew! Finally had a moment to take a load off and play some catch up.

Weather update-we had a nice light 4-5 inch snowfall that blanketed everything in a lovely soft white coat today. The storm came as a bit of a surprise-evidence to me that climate change is affecting weather patterns. This one came out of the Southwestern US-very unusual.

Here I was dreading snow and I welcomed it with open arms. Two days ago I was wearing shorts and fixing the roof. The yard had started to thaw and had turned into a huge mud pit.

I have been swept up into a whirlwind romance-so many shocking things in common that leads to hours on the phone and unannounced visits. Today I started to dig in my heels while in the midst of baking cookies, decorating the tree, and helping the saplings revive a chickadee that clobbered a window and was found in the snow with just the tail feathers visible.

The chickadee revived in our warm hands and flew off, the cookies are made and secured in tins, and the tree is decorated to the nines. Now I am just tying up the phone line to postpone a return call. Not that I don't like to talk-but sometimes I just need some ME time to regenerate. Or maybe my heart just isn't in it. Sometimes too much in common can be too much of a good thing. LOL.


Being fans of the show Survivor, we were happy that a Mainer won-Bob from Gorham. Bob repeatedly displayed Mainer fortitude and intergrity and we congratulate him and his family and his students-he is a high school Physics teacher.

Speaking of Physics, the Christmas Big Bang Theory had me in tears I was laughing so hard at the conclusion. I love Sheldon. :D

Lastly, kudos to our president for his quick moves dodging a shoe tossed by an Iraqi reporter. The Firebird commented that Bush moved like Toby MacGuire portraying Spiderman-

"He can move fast for an old guy!"

I hope I can duck a shoe that nimbly when I am that age.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Tonia said...

Romance?! To much in common coul dget boring but since me and Kyle have been married for soo Long(lol) We have a lot more in common then when we started out. When we say the same thing or one will say it and the one that didnt say will say Stop Thinking like me!!! lol
I was so happy BOB won!! We are big fans too! He played so well I would have hated to see him lose! The fake Idol was a cool move!! He was just such a neat guy!
Oh man I know I was missing something! We like Big Bang theory they are such idiots!! Its a good laugh!

Wood Mouse said...

So are you planing on insulting an Iraqi when you get old?

tree ocean said...

Tonia-LOL speaking of stuff in common;I am glad to hear that you like the same shows!!!!Yay! :D

Mouse...hahahahah I laughed a good one about that comment!

Velvet Ginger said...

Oh, I was gonna say "whooo hooo" on your new romance but it looks like some ME time is just what you need, it takes time hon, I bolt from the clingy needy that call call call all the time! Your trees sound lovely! Happy abouat the chickadee, and I LOVE "The Big Bang Theory" too! Sheldon and the gang make me laugh hard too!
I always enjoy your blog!